Woodbridge Hill Surgery welcomes new university students:

Registering is quick, easy and is best done prior to starting your Uni course, so we are ready as and when you need us.

We have a team of highly trained triage nurses who answer medical queries, concerns and can refer to GPs quickly and easily.

Woodbridge Hill has a dedicated family planning and provide sexual advice, we offer all forms of contraception. We are able to offer both male and female GP appointments to our patients.

The surgery has its own specialist diabetic nurse access to physio, and mental health worker, who are able to offer help support and guidance both remotely and face to face.

We work very closely with the university and the Wellness Centre on campus, but only share any information with your permission.

Should you need to visit in person our surgery is readily accessible from most of the places students choose to live.

Surgery website: www.woodbridgehillsurgery.nhs.uk

Online registration for students: /navigator/student-registration/